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Welcome friend, to The Dancing Dragons A-1 MIDIS, a free-for-all banquet of musical bonanza for the masses. Have you ever been frustrated, trying to find a decent MIDI ? Ever download a bunch of files only to find out that the closest thing these so-called "MIDIS" have anything in common with is something better flushed than listened to? Well fear not cybersurfers, for I have brought a shining spear of brilliance to pierce the blackened heart of putrid obsolecsence. As the title to this web-page implies, the Dancing Dragons are dedicated to top notch, cream of the crop MIDIS. You won't find some lame interpretaion of the "Love Boat" here. I have compiled these MIDIS over time, and I am just getting into high gear, so please bear with me as I expand the selections. A good MIDI, after all, is hard to find. So go ahead, download to your hearts content. The only thing not to like could only be the style of music, not the quality of the MIDI itself. Got some cool tunes of your own or just some costructive feedback, criticism or praise? E-mail me, and if I think your stuff is worthy, I will add it here in due course.
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So please, enjoy this aureal cornucopia that lies at your fingertips, and never download "BLEEAARRGH" again. Thanks for checking out my site...


( Wild Man at Large )

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The Dancing Dragon is only a small part of the greater glory
that is the Dragons Realm. Warp trough the Wyyrm hole to delve deeper
... the Dragon awaits.

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